Onedotzero Adventures in Motion Identity

Onedotzero is an international moving image festival, showcasing a variety of work from innovators across the globe. In partnership with Karsten Schmidt (PostSpectacular) we created a first of it’s kind generative visualization of the oneodotzero online communities conversations and used these to create the festivals identity, marketing and trailer.

All identity assets from posters to the festival trailer, were generated using a tailor made design/visualization tool. The tool aggregated conversations online and streamed them in real time into the platform.

The tool was also adapted to create a large scale (48m wide) interactive installation at BFI Southbank during the London festival.

The installation allowed users to submit their own messages and manipulate them through gestural interactions.

To complete the community ethos of the identity concept we decided to open source the entire generator, installation software & tools in the hope to encourage further discussion, educate and hopefully see other new additions/re-renderings of the identity.


Media Guardian Innovation Award
Shortlisted for the Design Museum Design awards
D&AD Installation Design


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Creative Directors: Tom Seymour, David Bruno, Eze Blaine
ECD: Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth
Computational Artist: Karsten Schmidt
Producer: Sermad Buni
Design Directors: Karen Jane
Onedotzero partner: Shane Walter, Sophie Walter
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